Well the title says it all- I have noticed that I have started a trend with mech suits, battle suits or Hydrus Suits, whatever you want to call them and things are starting to get hectic.

The reason for my concern is the lack of standardisation thoughout the articles reguarding these suits for example, Cal XD's Manticore and Lunar Base articles don't even mentioned mechs, Chimeras, Hydrus Suits, the Z.E.U.S Project or the Colossus Strand which would all have been precursors to any newer mech-type combat suits featured in the story, considering how development of technology abd weapons actually occurs.

So I have come up with a list of criteria for these articles to keep things consistant, neat and tidy so everybody doesn't get confused:

1. Thery must mention the Z.E.U.S Project and Colossus Strand in the detailing of their origins.

2. There must be references to the Arcos Storm Hammers and Red Star Corps as these groups would be the precursors to any further developments.

3. Also if all these suits were specifically mentioned to be Hydrus patterns or at least derived from that series so everyone knows what your talking about when you spout off about mech-suits or battle-suits.

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