I have thought of a series of early targets to achieve to get this story off the ground.

By february the site should have:

  • At least 35 articles, with a minimum length of 20 kb
  • The first part of the trilogy should be finished
  • The Earth, Arcos City, Storm Hammer, Tunnel Dwellers and Brethen of The Black Forge should be priority articles, since they seem to set the basic plot or intro of the storyline.
  • Mutants, Horrors, Extraterrestial and "evil" human articles are also key.
  • It would also be good to get Default off the top users menu.
  • However character pages should be around 10 kb at most and at least 7 kb in length.

Specific articles we need are aliens, mutants and settlements.

Tell me what you think.


PS: I think this should be the bulletin board for the latest ideas for the wiki from now on.

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