Kr'dnwa - A Time of Legends

EDIT: Im not expecting you in any way to come over to this other wiki. But since black forge is kinda resting (Im assuming busy xmas issues or maybe just boredom), im gonna start a wiki for this!.

Back to the idea... Excuse the title, but its been bugging me...

5th Storyline???

Ever heard of Myst before? (games from 1993 and after) Where "The stranger" is finds a linking book which takes him into another dimension, such as Riven and etc, and he must save somebody and stuff in order to go back to where he came from and stuff... well i was watching Uru (the last myst game) on youtube when i saw that thoughout the entire game ruins of previous myst games were scattered around the landscape... which, for a Myst fan, was epic. This made me think about Kinda copying this idea, but making sure it isn't a replica. Myst was created by a very religious guy so there was no violence, just INSANLEY hard puzzles. I was thinking my version would have violence and wars. This "other dimension" is discovered by some guy (Hes a historian and/or archaologist in our world, probably in the year 2010), where he finds mysterious ruins that have seemed to be made by an unknown civilisation, he is about to report back to the institute hiring him when he triggers something in the ruins which send him spiralling into the other dimension. Like most heroic movies and etc he finds out that he himself holds the key to stop this paralell dimension from destuction... and in return the citizens of this dimension send him back to our dimension, but the relationship between us and them remains. I am not gonna make this storyline until black forge has aged a bit and come "under control"

If your interested in Myst, (or if you wanna see a more vivid picture of the kinda image i want to capture) see the Myst game i grew up with here... the graphics (For 1997) are simply amazing... Myst II: Riven The sequel to Myst



anyways... --NecrusIV-(Talk) 04:34, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

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