Transferring the.. um.... what best describes it... transferring what emotion captures my image of black forge is hard. But music does work

Below is music that just manages to capture the "emotion" of my visions of Black Forge. Unfortunatley, no other artists seem to capture it for me.

"The Theme song"

Linkin Park - "Opening" (Main title theme song thing)

For the horror, depravity and suffering

Linkin Park - Krwlng

For the mystery and lost hope

Linkin Park - Session (Warning you, I couldn't find any good quality versions of this song)

Linkin Park - Kyur4 Th Ich (Is it just me or does this track remind me of Russia?)

For "epicness"

Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

Linkin Park - Runaway

Linkin Park - Rnw@y (The remix of the one above)

Linkin Park - 1Stp Klosr

The fact that its the future...

Command&Conquer: Red Alert - Hell March (The original, much better i reckon)

Command&Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Hell March (Its alright... the original is better, and suits black forge better)

Command&Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Scouting I want this game!

Command&Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Nod Crush

The guy who sounds like hitler in both these songs is saying: "DIE WAFFEN, LEGT AN!" which is literally "WEAPONS, TAKE AIM!" in german. Which is confusing as the game is focussed on Soviet Russians, but RA2 does show sences showing adolf using a time machine to kill albert einstein.


Then again you probably dont know what the fuck im talking about!

Too much linkin park?

And this has got nothing to do with it, but to bring you back to sanity, just listen to some of this...

Ahhh... sanity restored.

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