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  • NecrusIV

    yeah whatever exuse the title.

    Heres the comic so far. I need to get my scanner up and running when i finish at least half of it so you guys can have a read. Im gonna add in the speech bubbles digitally.

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  • NecrusIV

    Whoa hang on buddy!!

    December 3, 2010 by NecrusIV

    EDIT: Im not expecting you in any way to come over to this other wiki. But since black forge is kinda resting (Im assuming busy xmas issues or maybe just boredom), im gonna start a wiki for this!.

    Back to the idea... Excuse the title, but its been bugging me...

    Ever heard of Myst before? (games from 1993 and after) Where "The stranger" is finds a linking book which takes him into another dimension, such as Riven and etc, and he must save somebody and stuff in order to go back to where he came from and stuff... well i was watching Uru (the last myst game) on youtube when i saw that thoughout the entire game ruins of previous myst games were scattered around the landscape... which, for a Myst fan, was epic. This made me think about Kinda copyi…

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  • NecrusIV

    Transferring the image

    November 3, 2010 by NecrusIV

    Transferring the.. um.... what best describes it... transferring what emotion captures my image of black forge is hard. But music does work

    Below is music that just manages to capture the "emotion" of my visions of Black Forge. Unfortunatley, no other artists seem to capture it for me.

    Linkin Park - "Opening" (Main title theme song thing)

    Linkin Park - Krwlng

    Linkin Park - Session (Warning you, I couldn't find any good quality versions of this song)

    Linkin Park - Kyur4 Th Ich (Is it just me or does this track remind me of Russia?)

    Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

    Linkin Park - Runaway

    Linkin Park - Rnw@y (The remix of the one above)

    Linkin Park - 1Stp Klosr

    Command&Conquer: Red Alert - Hell March (The original, much better i reckon)

    Command&Conquer: …

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  • NecrusIV

    Awards System

    November 2, 2010 by NecrusIV

    I have decided to make an AWARDS SYSTEM, pretty much similar to the achievements in Call of Duty. Do something worthwhile and you get a nice, shiny badge to display on your user page... or wherever you like! (Even in you signature template! when somebody gets around to making them)

    The Current awards:

    Once you earn one, I will give it to you on your talk page.

    I give them everyone... thatll be my job.

    Any other ideas for awards? --NecrusIV-(Talk) 02:36, November 2, 2010 (UTC)

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