Do I have a reputation for those yet?

If not, I'm obviously not working hard enough.

Anyway, I'm putting this idea out to see what this community thinks. This is off-topic from Black Forge, so look away if you don't like it.

So, recently, I've been having the idea of creating my own webcomic., and I would like to know what this community thinks.

Anyway, the setting is a High/ Heroic Fantasy realm similar to the Roman Empire - humans have established a vast kingdom, pushing the other races to the edges of the known world, those that haven't joined it. The magic which exists is grouped into four broad categories.

  • Light Magic, which is largely focused on maintaining order at all costs. Comprising the lores of Light, Life and Hope. Unsurprisingly, its simplicity and its percieved "goodness" makes it the most popular path. And the (vastly) numerically superior one.
  • Elemental Magic, which is the classical elements.
  • Dark Magic, concerned with maintaining the cycles of life, it is incredibly unpredictable, along with all who practice it. Comprises the lores of Darkness, Death and Despair. Dark Magic, and by extention, its practitioners, is especially good at craftiness and manipulation, but because of those traits it is untrustworthy - when trouble arrives, the ones who practice Dark Magic often have nobody to turn to.
  • Necromancy, the magic which is a combination of Life and Death magic. The power is far too strong for any mortal being, and the very use of such corrupts the caster completely and irreversably. Mortal enemies with the Death magicians, who believe the dead should be shown proper respect, rather than enslaved.


  • Julian Magnus, the human protagonist. Born with the unique ability to call upon the spells from Dark Magic in general, not just one of the Lores.
  • Lucius Magnus, the current elf leader of the Dark Magicians. Yes, I know his name is derived from "light". I like the irony.
  • Tatius Paulus, the human leader of the Light Magicians. Major antagonist, and a master of Life magic.
  • Sigurd Alfr, a character of unknown race (used for a joke, actually), who is the greatest warrior shown for almost all the story. Wears a full suit of plate armour and wields a halberd. Believes the best part of battle is finding an honourable way to die.


The kingdom faces its greatest peril in years; a civil war. The Light Magicians, for reasons unknown to them, have declared Dark Magic and all who wield it to be evil, and deserving extermination. The king sides with them to end the war without causing it to spiral out of control, and that happens exactly. The Elemental Magicians don't like any imbalance between Light and Darkness, and so they side with the Dark Magicians. The King's forces findit impossible to withdraw and save face. Now, there is a real civil war.

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