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  • I live in the United Central American Republic
  • My occupation is The Supreme Shitposter, Lord of Lies, Baron of Bullshit, Sultan of Surrealism, Rex Rustlion
  • I am a satirist.
  • Lither

    Do I have a reputation for those yet?

    If not, I'm obviously not working hard enough.

    Anyway, I'm putting this idea out to see what this community thinks. This is off-topic from Black Forge, so look away if you don't like it.

    So, recently, I've been having the idea of creating my own webcomic., and I would like to know what this community thinks.

    Anyway, the setting is a High/ Heroic Fantasy realm similar to the Roman Empire - humans have established a vast kingdom, pushing the other races to the edges of the known world, those that haven't joined it. The magic which exists is grouped into four broad categories.

    • Light Magic, which is largely focused on maintaining order at all costs. Comprising the lores of Light, Life and Hope. Unsurprisingly, …
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