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Also know as the "Black Death" Areli was a former Assassin for the Mossad an Elite Sniper who has only been known to a few people, he was a Participant in the 3204

Areli Jerayesh


6' 7





Ethnical Background:




Full Name:

Areli Jerayesh

Home City:



Bounty Hunter (Formerly an Assassin)



Currently living:

Arcos City

Bounty hunt for the heads of 27 individuals which each had the price of 82million on each every bounty hunter in the world was hunting and he managed to take out 23 of the heads and most of the ex-Special forces bounty hunters. He wears a Custom made enhancement suit which increases his speed, reflexes, strength and mental agility. He has a Snubnose jump-jet with two Metalstorm Prototypes with lock on Predator Missiles, he use's a DRZ-213 "Bloody Mary" sniper rifle which can fire and kill a moving target more than 5km away.

Snubnose Jump-JetEdit

A modified version of the Harrier Jump-Jet except with it's nose is apart of the Wind propulsion turbo booster which collects wind while flying to pressure the wind to make a extreme boost of speed. The Metalstorm Prototype is a Gatling gun capable of firing 1.68million rounds a minute with every 1000 shots is a tracer round which still looks like a stream of orange.

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